DaisyBox™ is an Australian start-up sweeping fresh change throughout the global funeral industry.

Using a distributed -manufacturing business model, we supply beautiful, highly-affordable, timber-free funeral caskets to funeral arrangers, via local partnerships in each country we operate in. 

DaisyBox Basic, Classic & Custom caskets cater for most customer's requirements.



Not everybody wants to show off wealth at their funeral. 

These days, it means more to pass it on, to benefit others.

The value of money is changing. Traditions are changing.


Green is the new black.



Current Daisybox Models

Since 2017, we've produced and distributed thousands of corrugated kraft fibreboard caskets to funeral directors in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.

Funeral arrangers are pivoting their offering, to include other value-added services, rather than trapping most of their profit in the sale price of expensive wooden caskets and coffins.

DaisyBox "Basic"
RRP AU$249 / US$159
DaisyBox "Classic"
RRP AU$975 / US$575
Available from August 2020
DaisyBox "Custom"
RRP from AU$1,495 / US$995
Available from August 2020

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