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When graphic designers become storytellers ... at a funeral.

Funeral rutuals are changing. Graphic designers can now help families celebrate the life of a client family's loved one by helping design the graphics depicted on a DaisyBox casket.

How does it work?

In a shake-up of "the way things have always been done", the DaisyBox team are forging new bridges between graphic designers, artists and local funeral home owners. Collaboration is key.

"Why?" you might ask.

Well because today, modern funerals no longer have to be defined by an old-fashioned timber casket, made to appear glossy and expensive with multiple layers of paint and old-fashioned drapery. These days, a casket or coffin, through a graphic-decorated surface, can better depict the life of a departed loved one, a "postcard" send-off, as some put it, especially where Covid-19 is forcing a live video-streamed funeral to take place with a coffin or casket placed in the front of the attending family and friends.

But back to what makes a good graphic casket. Medium density fibreboard (MDF) and particleboard or chipboard, bonded by toxic resin adhesives, was never designed specifically to be buried or cremated. Natural timber is good to bury as it biodegrades with no resigns leaching into the water-table. Few can afford a solid timber casket though. Furthermore, us humans can't simply keep cutting down and transporting trees to cremate or bury our dearly departed. Despite much engineered wood sourced from managed tree plantations, it's the toxic resin that binds the cellulose fibres that's ok for a kitchen or cheap furniture, but not great for burial or incineration, with the environment in mind.

Roll in the DaisyBox® casket solution. Corrugated fibreboard is an engineered low-density fibreboard that's free of added formaldehyde resin. It's lightweight, foldable, exceptionally strong, and the right grade of board burns really efficiently in cremators. For burials, DaisyBox biodegrades under soil with no resin residue. It makes perfect sense.

With these eco-credentials in mind, it's no wonder that caskets like DaisyBox® and coffins such as LifeArt® are the ideal casket design to showcase at a funeral, with a beautiful surface digital print telling the story of our dearly departed.

DaisyBox® Classic caskets can be mass-produced at low cost, using state-of-the-art digital printers running at thousands of square metres per hour. For more bespoke designs, suited to a local suburb, town or region, short-run graphic panels provided by local wide-format printers allow families to fully-customise their loved one's casket. "LifeArt" has successfully done this for years, offering a premium and elegant solution to families on a larger budget than those who can only budget for a DaisyBox®.

Graphic designers around the world can now freely download the DaisyBox Photoshop template, choose suitable photos or artwork and 3D render this to the lid and sides of the DaisyBox to showcase design possibilities to funeral arrangers and their client families.

Graphic proofs are signed off on and the local DaisyBox-authorised and trained print partners are supplied an unprinted DaisyBox Basic, before they wrap it in a proprietary adhesive-textile film that's been beautifull printed as shown in this short video:

Stock art web sites such as Adobe Stock, iStockPhoto.com & Shutterstock.com offer client-families millions of choices in surface pattern designs and beautiful, professional-quality photos. One can even design one's own DaisyBox graphic panels on canva.com and send those as examples to a local funeral arranger. A natural kraft-coloured DaisyBox® can be painted with an artists gesso-primer, before water-based paints are used to decorate the sidewalls and lid, albeit a lengthy process with much deeper meaning to the artist.

DaisyBox® is destined to become the world's first globally-recognised consumer brand for a life-shaking event that we'll all inevitably one day face. Now you can celebrate this process by uniquely telling a departed one's life story, in a small way that creates conversations during sad times.

DaisyBox®....the Way to Go.

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